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Nothing is easy – but nothing is impossible!

“Nothing is easy – but nothing is impossible!” This sentence by Abdoulaye Zize Banse, Chairman of our partner organisation A.J.E.D., could not be more fitting for our work. The political upheaval in Burkina Faso in 2022 and the terrorist attacks in a large part of the country are currently complicating the situation on the ground. Even before the coup, official authorisations were lengthy and communication with people on the ground in Ouarégou was difficult. This is even more true now, even though the new government very much welcomes projects to strengthen the infrastructure, such as our project, and fortunately Ouarégou is still not affected by the terrorist attacks.


Main objective for 2024: Preparation of the project “midwife station”

First and foremost, we want to concretise our next project goal “Construction of the midwife station” and acquire the necessary funds for this. In detail, we are planning

  • Drawing up the project plan for the midwife station
  • Making contact with companies and major donors
  • Applying for foundation and grant funding
  • Organising a concert by Burkinabe musicians
  • Participation in street festivals with an Infostad

This is what we have achieved in 2023

  • We collected money at several information stands and fundraising campaigns and raised a total of over €2000 in 2023. Thanks to all helpers and donors!
  • We have intensified our contact with our Italian and French partner associations and plan to work together in the future, both in terms of financing and organising the construction and operation of the maternity clinic and, in some cases, fundraising campaigns.
  • After reviewing our plan for the next project step, for various reasons we have rejected the provisional plan to initially purchase an ambulance and are now planning to build a midwife station as the next step, which will be integrated into the maternity ward once it has been built.
  • For this next step, together with a notary in Burkina Faso arranged by our Italian friends, we have had a cooperation agreement drawn up with the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene. The cooperation agreement is currently (January 2023) awaiting approval from the Ministry. Once it has been approved, we can officially start building the first part of the maternity clinic and count on the Ministry’s support for our project.

More about our actions you can read in our accountability reports (“Rechenschaftsberichte” german). All existing reports of the past years can be found in our [Archive (german)].

    Foundation of the association

    After his own experience and the messages from friends and relatives about suffering and death in childbirth in his home country, Adama Bance decided in 2018 to change this situation. On 28 October 2018, the time had come: the statutes of “Hand in Hand Burkina Faso e.V.” were signed and the association was officially founded.

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      latest update: 12.07.2020

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      We introduce ourselves


      Chairman – Adama Bance

      Adama Bance is a father of three children, happily married and an operations manager at BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH. He is a native of Ouarégou in Burkina Faso, but has been resident in Cologne for several years with part of his family. His other family members still live in Ouarégou, which is why he has excellent contacts to this region and visits them regularly. Here in Germany, he is also networked with several Burkinabe in NRW. When his first daughter was born in the village, Adama saw for himself how much his wife had to struggle during childbirth and how bad the local medical care was. Tragically, he has also experienced several times in recent years that young women from his circle of acquaintances have died during childbirth together with their unborn babies.


      Vice Chairwoman – Christine Masuch

      Christine Masuch is a computing core developer for insurance companies and lives in Düsseldorf. During her own pregnancy she was diagnosed with placenta praevia. In this case, the placenta lies in front of the birth canal, so that without a caesarean section, mother and unborn child would bleed to death. Due to inadequate medical care, especially in sub-Saharan African countries, this unfortunately still happens very often today. Because of this experience, she wants to contribute the rest of her life that she has been gifted, so that not only she and her son are granted a life after a Planzenta Praevia. Within the association, she takes care of the general organisation and the maintenance of the association’s homepage and is the contact person for the press.


      Treasurer – Nicole Ibsch

      Nicole Ibsch is a mother of one daughter and a management consultant for IT projects in insurance companies. Her own pregnancy and birth fortunately went without complications. Nevertheless, she noticed how vulnerable and exposed one is during birth. Her empathy for families who do not have access to good health care has increased even more through this experience. That is why she would like to actively support the association and its goals.


      Our ambassador – Kadietou Sare

      Like Adama Bance, Kadietou Sare grew up in Ouarégou in Burkina Faso, where the planned maternity ward is to be built. Kadietou Sare gave birth to two of her three children in Ouarégou and knows the problems within the health care system there first hand. She describes her experiences of this [here].

      Kadietou Sare is an excellent cook. She always provides us with original African specialities and delicacies at events.

      Our partner associations

      Wir sind in engen Kontakt mit Vereinen in Italien und in Frankreich, die ähnliche Ziele wie wir verfolgen. Unsere Partnervereine, mit denen eine enge Zusammenarbeit besteht sind:


      AKI: Association Kouassagoulais en Italie

      In Italy, there are six associations for the individual neighbourhoods of Ouarégou. These associations are run by a large number of emigrants from Ouarégou who live there in Italy. The associations support relatives in Ouarégou in the event of illness and other difficulties and implement projects in the neighbourhoods. The “Association Kouassagoulais en Italie” is responsible for the district of Kouassagou, where we want to set up our maternity ward.


      A.J.E.D.: Association jeunesse engage pour le développement

      In addition to the neighbourhood associations in Italy, there is also the “Association jeunesse engage pour le développement”, which is a kind of “umbrella” association for Ouarégou. The association pools the activities of the neighbourhood associations and organises joint projects for the whole of Ouarégou.

      ABF: Association des Bissa en France

      “Association des Bissa en France” is an association based in France that is generally involved in development projects for the Bissa-speaking region, which includes Ouarégou.


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