Adama Bance bought a container and water barrels at private expense in May 2020 to transport collected donations to Burkina Faso. Donations were collected from May to August. We say thank you very much again to all who have donated so generously for the poor people in Ouarégou, Burkina Faso. Due to the Corona pandemic, the container could be shipped to Burkina Faso in November 2020 at first and arrived there on 18th of December.  Therefore Adama Bance traveled on own costs to Burkina Faso in December 2020 to distribut these goods in Ouarégou. Beside he informed the villagers about our project to build a fontain and the maternity ward and did some other organisational stuff for the association. Here is the report about the trip, written by Roukia Bance who lives in Burkina Faso and acompanied Adama on this trip.

Due  to corona virus, there was a delay on the arrival of the container so we could leave Ouagadougou to Ouarégou at first the 21/12. On board we had 15 barrels which contained foods (spaghettis, flour, salt, sugar, oil, rice …) clothes, shoes and lots of games for the chidren along with 5 wheel chairs, 2 bicycles, tea mugs, and drinking glasses.


In Ouarégou we distributed the donations. We gave the wheelchairs to those who needed them the most, and went on greeting other members of the family which live far from our home. Back home we shared some of the toys for the children and showed them how some are played.


That day being Friday, from the night before, the women started getting things ready for the next day. After the Friday prayers we preannounced the event to everyone there and they agreed to come help us.

At home food was served to everyone.

After eating we sat down for a meeting to talk about Hand in Hand Burkina Faso, what the goals of the association are and sharing the flyes to those who can read and explain.


The day after the meeting, we visited those people in the houses who could not come because of their age or other reasons. We brought them food and other donations.


Back in Ouaga, we distributed more donations to people in need. Among the donations were wheelchairs, clothes, food and much more.