The fall of the government in Burkina Faso at the beginning of this year did not exactly speed up the official application process. So it took until the end of August for our property to be officially registered in our name. Then we still couldn’t start the construction work because of the rainy season.

But on 30th Nov. till 2th of December 2022 the well got finally constructed in Ouarégou, District Kouassagou.
The well construction costs where at the end 2.050.000 CFA-Franc  (= 3.150 €), 2.000.000 CFA-Franc for the well and 50.000 CFA-Franc for the sign, which informes about our association work.

Here some details about the construction from Roukietou Bance:

Water search and drilling for the well

Since water is not to be found everywhere, the first thing to do was to look for water. This took about an hour and the spot was marked for drilling. After money was successfully transferred from Germany for the well, the machines for the drilling arrived a few days later.

After the implantation was made successfully and the digging could have started, the machine had a problem and needed to be repaired. After starting the drilling, everything went smoothly and more metal rods were added as the hole got deeper.

At each level of the soil, the sand was different: The sand had different colours, from white to black, and different textures, from dry to very wet. Until the workers encountered water it took about three hours, but the workers had to keep drilling for another two hours because there was still not enough water comming out.

After enough water came out of the well hole, all the dirty water had to be pumped up until only clean water came and the well hole was closed in the evening for the next day’s work.

Construction of the well wall and of the water trough

The next day they brought some bricks to build the wall around the well what took another two days. On the first day the workers build just the wall and on the second day they made the cattle watering trough.

Finally, we had a beautiful well with a place to fetch water for the people and a watering place for the animals as well as the “Hand in Hand Burkina Faso” sign to inform about our work.